Smart software
of customer management

Customer Management

It has never been so easy to keep track of the customers of your stores!
BitPhy AIR automatically interprets its behavior and gives you information of high profitable value. You will better loyalty your clients and you will detect the loss of interest in time so that they do not stop buying you.

Automated customer

Our algorithm detects the behavior of each of your clients and orders them according to their relevance. You can see information on the periodicity of purchase, when it comes to purchase or the average purchase made.

Churn alert

BitPhy AIR detects when a customer is losing interest and notifies you. That easy! Minimize the leakage of customers with prescriptive alerts so that you can do business with those customers who are going to stop buying from you.


You will receive all the relevant information about the effectiveness of your business facing customers. Data such as the LTV, the loyalty rate of your customers or the new loyal customers every month will help you make a qualitative leap to your business.


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