AIR, Artificial Intelligence for Retail:

Functionalities BitPhy

We have divided the management of your stores into four large areas. Our algorithm BitPhy AIR offers relevant information for each of them based on predictions and automated business intelligence, so you can make better decisions and improve the performance of your business.


Our algorithm will give you sales predictions so you can better manage your stores. You will see how the billing of your stores is updated without you having to do anything!
You will no longer have to make estimates, BitPhy AIR works for you.


BitPhy AIR recognizes and classifies your products and gives you automated analytics so you can make better decisions and improve your management. Discover in a concrete way the profitability of your products and how to use promotions to improve your business.


Artificial Intelligence so you can have all the relevant information about the vendors of your stores automatically. Get a list ordered according to the performance of your workers that will be updated every day without having to do anything!
Make decisions based on data, not intuition.


It has never been so easy to keep track of the customers of your stores!
BitPhy AIR automatically interprets its behavior and gives you information of high profitable value. You will better loyalty your clients and you will detect the loss of interest in time so that they do not stop buying you.


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