BitPhy AIR

Artificial intelligence
for the retail sector

We facilitate the access of store chains to technological solutions with the aim of making their businesses profitable.
It has never been so easy to make data-driven decisions!

What is BitPhy for?

In today’s competitive environment and with the appearance of new technologies, it is essential for retailers to optimize all available resources.

Collecting store-generated data and knowing how to put it to a good use has been one of the biggest competitive advantages of large companies in recent years.

BitPhy AIR now facilitates access to all information wealth with the most advanced predictive and prescriptive algorithms.

A retail chain that wants to remain competitive in the future will require the support of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data; with BitPhy AIR that will be very simple.

How does BitPhy work?

Discover it in 5 easy steps!


Data intake

We can connect to any POS system.
We just need the name of your provider and we will do the rest!
The point-of-sales device is our main source of data, but not the only one. We can install other devices in your stores to get more information about your business. The more information we have, the better advice we can give you and the better decisions you can make.
We turn store chains into data-driven businesses!

How do we extract data?

At BitPhy we have enabled two REST APIs connected to the outside. We have an API dedicated to the insertion of third-party data, and we use another API to make requests and extract data only in read mode.
This allows us to control data inputs and outputs to and from our platform independently and it facilitates connections to other companies.



Our storage is generally non-structured, taking advantage of the versatility of this technology to build solutions that adapt to the original data at each store.
In this way we can use a table with ticket information and mix it with video analysis of the customer's behavior inside the store. Our ultimate goal is to give more valuable information to our users.

How do we process so much data?

Through our architecture based on Microservices and Elastic Computing we can handle practically infinite amounts of data in short periods of time.



At this point we have already collected the data and ordered it. Now comes the most difficult part: to interpret this data and to add value.
BitPhy’s Artificial Intelligence detects which data is relevant to each store according to the type of business and other external factors.

How do we get the value out of the data?

AIR: Artificial Intelligence for Retail

We have created an intelligent platform. Our algorithms offer predictions with accuracy above 90%, which opens up a huge range of possibilities when optimizing the resources of a store chain.



Our dashboard has been created to offer profitable value to both an expert in data analysis and someone lacking the expertise.
The deeper you want to go into the analytics of your stores, the more information you will have and the better decisions you can make.


New experience

BitPhy provides a new way of doing things.
It has never been so easy and affordable to combine all the information generated by a chain of stores.
If we also add our layer of Artificial Intelligence, the result is much more profitable data-driven companies.

Welcome to the future of retail!