All product analytics
from your stores in one place

Product Management

BitPhy AIR recognizes and classifies your products and gives you automated analytics so you can make better decisions and improve your management. Discover in a concrete way the profitability of your products and how to use promotions to improve your business.

Automatic management
of products

BitPhy AIR automatically orders your list of products according to their relevance. In addition, you can access an analysis of each product individually, seeing its behavior in recent weeks or seeing the forecast of sales in the coming days.

Product sales

The BitPhy AIR algorithm gives predictions of the sales of each of your products automatically. That easy! You will no longer have to worry about making sales forecasts, BitPhy AIR will do them with a success over 90%.

Optimize your offer
of products

When our algorithm detects that there are products with a performance Very low, it sends you a notice to withdraw them from your offer and do not consume resources with them.

Effective promotions

Our Artificial Intelligence makes suggestions automatically to improve cross selling. With this you will reduce waste and you will never have to throw away any product again.


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