With BitPhy

Level up your stores


The retail's smart platform

Detects improvement areas and automatically provides actionable information.

Transform ideas into action plans increasing your sales and your operative efficiency.

BitPhy automates all internal communication and management processes. Do not waste your time with manual tasks. Forget about Excel or PowerPoint and stop overwhelming your sellers with e-mails. Let them focus on what really matters: sell more and better.

Clear objectives
for everybody

Empower your stores with automatic and useful information. Save time avoiding manual tasks.
Set objectives, configure alerts, or focus your attention on the improvement areas detected by our algorithms. Your Store Managers will have a clear vision of business goals and the proper tool and support to reach them.

your sales channels

Get an overview of what is happening in your chain at a glance.
One platform to see all the key indicators for your offline and online channels. Use our notifications to better identification of the problem and the growth opportunity. Take the control of your business and forget about manual tasks. BitPhy does it for you.

Your company

Set up a goal-oriented work environment.
Retail, Product, Marketing… all your departments and stores connected through a couple of clicks. Make your Manager’s daily work easier with structured and focused traceability. Forget about messy chats and emails and minimize mismatched communication between teams. Now you can take advantage of the communication generated by your stores.

Press on
the improvement areas

Identify good practices.
Our algorithms automatically detect the improvement areas for a great impact. Use this information to set accurate and effective action plans. Once your action plan is created for a store, the users will be able to follow-up on the related KPI evolution. Just an easy way to identify best practices to replicate the same plan to other stores.

We automate, predict, and


So that you focus on selling more and better.
Do you need cross-selling proposals, promotion performance, optimal schedule, or share the P&L of your shops? Do not waste time with manual reports. Our algorithms automatically create them for you. So teams are focus on what matters: sell more and better.

Find out the full potential of your stores

Transforming your business requires
less effort than you think.