Intelligent Management software for stores

Store Management

Our algorithm will give you sales predictions so you can better manage your stores. You will see how the billing of your stores is updated without you having to do anything! You will no longer have to make estimates, BitPhy AIR works for you.

Sales prediction for your store

The BitPhy AIR algorithm gives predictions of the sales of your business automatically. That easy! In addition, it will show it in an understandable way, combining it with the historical sales in the timeframe you want. Our algorithm will automatically detect holidays, special dates, opening hours or weather effects among other variables.

You will no longer have to worry about making sales forecasts, BitPhy AIR will do them with a success over 90%.

Relevant KPIs for the management of your stores

BitPhy AIR detects and displays the relevant KPIs automatically. You will know the accumulated sales of each store, you will have a breakdown of the sales of each section, you will know the sales or tickets per hour of each of your points of sale.
And all this in comparison with your historical ones, marking trends upwards or downwards.

Intelligent detection
of improvement points

BitPhy AIR knows your business and detects when something is not right. If any of your key KPIs is below expectations, an alert with information will jump so you can improve that aspect of your business. This way you will have a quick x-ray of the health of your business without having to search through the data.

In addition, our alerts automatically inform you of unusual sales at any of your stores. No longer do you have to look for performance drops among your stores yourself, BitPhy AIR tells you automatically.

Sales history

You will have access to all the relevant historical information of your stores. You will see heat maps, graphs with sales history and product rankings.

All this according to the time range in which you want to see it and in a simple and intuitive way!


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